Oυr pυrpose on Earth is revealed by these ancient Sυmerian tablets (video)

In the shadows of our history, buried deep within the sands of time, lie ancient Sumerian tablets that, according to Russian-American archaeologist and scholar Zecharia Sitchin, hold the key to the enigma of our very existence. Sitchin, after dedicating twenty years of his life to the meticulous study of these relics, uncovered a narrative so profound and otherworldly that it blurs the line between science and faith, offering a third, astonishing perspective on human origins.

These tablets, dating back an incredible 20,000 years, narrate a cosmic tale beginning with a distant world named Nibiru and a pioneering astronaut, Enki. The story that unfolds from these etchings is nothing short of extraordinary, revealing a celestial drama that would forever change the course of humanity.

Nibiru, according to the tablets, was a world in peril. The inhabitants, known as the Anunnaki, faced a dire crisis caused by cosmic radiation that threatened their survival. Desperate for a solution, they sought refuge in the vast expanse of space, embarking on a cosmic quest that would lead them to an unassuming blue planet – Earth.

Upon their arrival, Enki, his wife Ninhursag, and a team of 20 astronauts were quick to recognize Earth’s potential. Ninhursag, a master of bioengineering, embarked on an audacious experiment, intertwining the genes of Earth’s primitive ancestors with their advanced DNA. This bold act of genetic manipulation gave birth to us, humans, a hybrid species with the legacy of both worlds.

The narrative, however, takes a darker turn with the introduction of the Nephilim, or Giants. These beings, born from the union of the other astronauts and human females, were depicted as monstrous and uncontrollable. Their violent nature posed a threat not only to humans but also to their Anunnaki creators.

Faced with the chaos unleashed by the Nephilim, the Anunnaki found themselves in an untenable situation. In a drastic measure to contain the havoc, the Anunnaki manipulated Nibiru’s path, bringing it perilously close to Earth. This celestial maneuver unleashed catastrophic floods, submerging the planet and effectively resetting the course of terrestrial life.

The Anunnaki, their mission on Earth tarnished by these unforeseen consequences, decided to leave, drifting away into the cosmic void. They left behind a world reshaped by their presence and actions, a planet where humans, the progeny of a celestial experiment, were left to forge their destiny.

Sitchin’s interpretation of the Sumerian tablets paints a picture of our origins that is as bewildering as it is fascinating. It suggests that our existence may be the result of interstellar intervention, an accidental byproduct of an alien species’ struggle for survival. This narrative challenges the conventional beliefs held by both science and religion, offering a third, extraordinary origin story.

The tale of the Anunnaki and their role in human history remains shrouded in mystery, a speculative narrative pieced together from the fragments of an ancient civilization’s legacy. These tablets, holding stories of celestial beings, cosmic quests, and genetic engineering, continue to captivate the imagination, inviting us to question the very foundation of our understanding of human origins.

As we gaze up at the stars, one can’t help but wonder about the truths that might be hidden in the vast, unexplored cosmos. The story of the Anunnaki, as unearthed by Sitchin, serves as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that the universe holds and our quest to understand our place within it.


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